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March 2008
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Letters To The Editor

We're looking forward to our annual trip the first weekend of Jazz Fest this year, but now I have a couple of comments after reading the Best of the Beat awards. With all due respect to Susan Cowsill, who ! think the world of, a best New Orleans vocalist that is not Irma Thomas doesn't work for me and I am sure many others. No slight to the competition, only a feeling that Irma never gets the recognition she deserves, not even at home.
And on the second Susan Cowsill front, the country/folk/roots category used to belong to Kim Carson. I hope she is not being overlooked because she is presently hanging out in Houston (and the world) while her Mid-City home is being rebuilt. She is another local treasure deserving of far great recognition that she receives here. An overlooked star just like Irma.
Thanks for the chance to vent. By the way, the decision to add fiddle/violin as a separate category is a good one. A competition between Theresa and Gina Forsythe would be one to see.
óJoe Holtzman, Chicago, IL

Mojo Mouth - Keeping the Faith

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The OffBeat staff will be on its way to South by Southwest (SXSW) another signature music event in Austin, the self-proclaimed "Live Music Capital" (yeah, rightówell they said it, so it must be true: hint, hint, Louisiana marketers!). Cover girl Susan Cowsill is our sponsored artist for this year's event. We'll have our traditional booth at the trade show, and will sponsor a party at the Continental Club Friday, March 14 from 3 to 5 p.m. with the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation and others. Susan Cowsill and Paul Sanchez will perform, as will Les Poisson Rouges, Glen David Andrews and the Iguanas. See y'all there!

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