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The Monkees & The Cowsills - Their Passions & Pains
October 1968
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Bill, Bob, Paul, Barry and John Cowsill have reason to smile. They're successful, happy and popular with girls!

When The Monkees and The Cowsills love, they adore! And when they hate, they really detest! Discover what makes these emotions boil up and burst out!

THE MONKEES and The Cowsills are, without a doubt, two of the hottest groups on today's music scene. Their every movement, their lives, are followed anxiously by a loving and curious public. But beyond their public images beyond the glamour that surrounds them, there are some very real young men who think, feel, love, hurt and dream. Here are their passions and their pains...

One of the most important things to Monkee Micky Dolenz is his family. He's very devoted to his mother, his stepfather and his sisters. There's noting in the world he wouldn't do for them - at any time of the day or night.

Micky's also addicted to doing impressions and he's really great at them. In fact, he can stand in front of a mirror for hours - practicing be be James Cagney, James Brown, a German scientist or even his lovable dog. "You." You must never know who Micky is going to do an impression of next!

Another thing Micky loves to do is tinker with mechanical things. If he's not working or out with his special gal, it's a sure bet you'll find him playing with his erector set, at the local garage souping up his car and motorcycle or in his workshop building furniture or "doo-dads."

Micky doesn't have many dislike, but one he does have is for any kind of cruelty. It really hurts this kind-hearted Monkee to see pets being abused or people being mean to each other. He's all for love, peace and world harmony.

It also hurts Micky when people don't tell the truth to or about him. Micky, being a very honest person, is always sincere with people. But because he's in show business, he's subjected to vicious gossip and rumors from jealous people. And when he hears something bad about himself that isn't true, it cuts him very deeply.

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English Monkee Davy Jones is the kind of person everyone loves. He's an exceptionally friendly guy and people always like him right off the bat. It's probably because Davy genuinely loves people.

You might say, in fact, that one of Davy's main passions is people. He's very loyal and he'd do just about anything in the world for a friend. When you talk to one of Davy's pals, you're always bound to hear what a kind and generous person he is. And it's really the truth. Davy's the kind of guy who'd give you the shirt off his back—if you liked it.

Davy absolutely adores food, too. In fact, it's a pleasure to watch him eat a meal. His favorites are fish and chips, English pies, crab meat,, bacon, sausages and health foods. Because he's such a good eater, Davy's taken up cooking. . And now it's one of his favorite hobbies—along with collecting cuff links, sleeping in his seven-foot circular bed, riding horses (racing them, too. Davy used to be a jockey, you know), and

Davy's biggest passion, though, is girls. They say he prefers tall blondes. But he's really not that limited. He can be seen with all types of girls—doing what he likes best, which is having fun!

It's unusual to see Davy sad, but it can happen. One thing that really upsets him is being separated from his father and sisters, who are in Manchester, England. He was always very close to his family and it hurts him because he can't see them more often.

watching football games on the television. Davy has a couple of minor "pains" that really bother him, too—like loosing his precious cuff links, having his hair cut, hearing people knock The Monkees and meeting a girl who isn't fascinated by his charms.

Mike Nesmith's probably the Monkee who's hardest to know. He has a sharp but subtle humor and likes to keep mostly to himself.

The greatest joy in Mike's life is his family—his wife Phyllis and his two sons, Christian Duval and Jonathan Darby. Mike believes the family unit is very important. And even though he's a busy star, he goes out of his way to make sure his family spends a lot of time doing things together.

His home is his castle—and that can be taken literally. The Nesmith home is not only extremely beautiful, it's also very unusual. Because Mike's gadget-crazy, his home is full of all sorts of amazing electrically-controlled devices. The doors open when you say the word "love," the telephones play music instead of ringing and every appliance can be operated by a button.

One thing Mike doesn't like is having his privacy invaded. It hurts him to have his wife or children exposed to unwarranted publicity. He also hates phony people, formal clothes, hair spray and people who don't speak their minds.

Peter Tork is the most intellectual of The Monkees. He spends a great deal of time pursuing his favorite hobbies—reading, writing, poetry and studying philosophy. Recently he's taken up Zen painting, too.

Peter's also a girl-lover. But he's very particular about choosing the girls who mean something in his life. He likes girls who are bright, witty, pretty, aware and have good personalities.

Peter can't stand narrow-minded people, on the other hand. It pains him to see bitterness, hatred and prejudice in the world. He dreams of the day when there can be harmony among all people. Also in this vein, Peter's deadly opposed to war. And the so-called "generation gap?" That's another thing that bothers Peter. When he sees parents and children who can't communicate with each other, he shakes his head sadly. Understanding—or trying to understand—is the whole key to happiness, according to him.

In the Cowsill clan, Bill is the oldest member. He's an exceptionally sincere and enthusiastic young man and he brings these qualities to everything he does. He's one of the hardest workers you'd ever want to meet because he loves his work and puts everything he's got into it.

Bill has always been creative. He writes poetry, stories, etc. In the last year, he's started to write songs for the group. And this has been one of his biggest satisfactions.

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Bill's newest love is his pretty young wife, the former Karen Locke. He views his marriage as the beginning of a whole new, wonderful life (that just might include a whole new, wonderful Cowsill brood).

One of the things that really bugs Bill is laziness in people. He believes there's a great deal of good to be done in the world and that all people should pitch in and help. It also hurts him to see people unhappy. If a member of his family or a friend of his is upset about something, it's not unusual for him to feel "down in the dumps" right along with them.

His brother Barry is the Cowsill who can charm you with just one of his adorable smiles. He's a born entertainer, at home anywhere he goes and full of life and pep.

One of Barry's biggest passions is teasing people. Of course, he wouldn't dream of hurting anyone. But he does love to tease, joke and kid people in the most charming manner.

In his free time, Barry likes to play football, hide-and-seek, listen to Beatle records and chase girls. He also loves to buy clothes. And you're sure to find a lot of red in his wardrobe. It's his favorite color.

One thing Barry can't stand is fighting with someone. First of all, he's the kind of person who can't stay angry. Secondly, he thinks fighting is a waste of time. And he always feels bad after he does get into a little spat.

Another thing Barry hates is hearing people criticize the group unjustly. The boys (and girls) work very hard and are proud of their work. And Barry says it really hurts him to be "knocked unfairly."

Paul Cowsill's the newest member of the group. Until recently, he just worked behind the scenes. But now he plays the trumpet and just adores it. Paul's always laughing and happy—especially when he's on the football field, playing basketball and eating Chinese food. He's also interested in Spanish, English and gym. In fact, one day he hopes to become a gym teacher.

One thing Paul doesn't like is having to get all dressed up. He loves to wear comfortable, casual clothes instead. As a matter of fact, about the only time you'll ever hear him gripe is when he's being forced to wear a tie.

Pushy people also bother Paul. He really feels terrible if he sees someone trying to take advantage of his position ... or trying to push someone else around. Sometimes he gets so mad, he actually has to fight to control his temper.

John's the youngest of the Cowsill boys. Among his greatest loves are mini-skirts, playing his drums, wishing for the impossible and his mother. He also gets a tremendous kick out of having hit records.

Of course, Girls are a big love of John's. And he loves them all—young and old. Girls adore him, too. And that makes life all the happier for him.

John says that one thing really bothers him—and that's when people ask how many freckles he has. He also gets upset when he thinks how long it will be before he's able to drive a motorcycle or car. He's wanted to drive for a long . . . but the time isn't passing quickly enough.

Bob Cowsill's another fun-loving guy. And there's nothing he enjoys more than taking his dates to New York. He feels

there's so much more to do in New York than in Rhode Island, The Cowsills' hometown. And Bob's a guy with a passion for having fun.

Reading is another one of Bob's passions. When he reads, he likes to hide in his own private corner of the house. None of the family knows where his private corner is, although they've all looked. And Bob's been having fun for years keeping his secret.

Bob's also a writer for the group. He doesn't count writing as part of his work, though, because it's something he loves to do.

Bob < capable of getting upset as well as enjoying himself. One thing that makes him mad is being unable to get spaghetti in hotels and restaurants while on tour. It's his favorite food and he goes crazy when he wants it and can't have it.

Another thing Bob can't stand is reading things about the group that aren't true. He doesn't care if what's printed is good or bad—but if it's not true, it really disturbs him.

The Monkees and The Cowsills lead interesting lives . . . partly because they're starring groups . . . and partly, just because they're very groovy people.

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