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The Many Moods Of The Cowsills
Sept 1968
Teen Scoop Magazine

Cowsills Cowsills

Laughing ... Smiling ... Groovin' ...

The Cowsills are riding the crest of a wave, and everything's coming up roses since their rapid rise to fame in less than a year. What's their scene? A quick grin and a flashing smile - happy faces singing happy songs - their mood? - It's a groove !!!

Bill and Bob Cowsill are very different and yet very much alike. Their moods vary from one extreme to another. Bill digs writing poetry, practical jokes and his lovely new bride, Karen. Bob prefers reading, but has the reputation of always being on hand whenever there's some sort of mischief.

Barry and John are really knocked out by the success of the Cowsills. "I like everything, especially meeting new people," says Barry. "It's a groovy scene," admits John, "but I really wish girls would stop asking me to marry them - I'm too young!!!"

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