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Monkees and Cowsills VS The Groups
October 1968
Star Time Magazine

Note: The below covers several articles. I will only list Cowsill portions.


The C's support each other in a huddle!

WHEN YOUR four fav groups get together, there's bound to be some fascinating conversation and a lot of fun! But there's also bound to be some trouble! You see, your guys have very definite opinions and ideas about what they like and dislike, think and want. And all their opinions are so different!

We got your guys to sound off on some very important things! What, for instance could be more important than girls or you, their fans? And that's only the beginning. These guys are gonna shoot the breeze about that an money and love, too! So get ready and get set. On these four pages, your fav four groups are going to discuss four subjects that are really important to you!

THE GUYS decided to start their gab-fest with girls as the main topic.

. . .

BILL COWSILL likes a girl to be a little bit shy. He digs the girl who digs the outdoors . . . BILL prefers beach dates. Karen, his wife, digs the same things - which is why he flipped for her! BOB COWSILL's fav place for dates is New York City. If you ever happen to be his date, you'll end up at a Broadway play or a really great restaurant or maybe the Copa to catch the midnight show!

. . .

PAUL COWSILL thinks redheads are sort of cute. BARRY COWSILL thinks any color or length of hair is fine - as long as it isn't teased or sprayed.

"And it's her own hair," adds JOHN. "I once saw this guy dancing with a girl and she spun around real fast - and her hair went flying off!"


"It's terrible being attacked by mobs of girls who try to scratch out your eyes and tear off your clothes," says BARRY COWSILL.

Big brother Bill smiles and adds, "But it's better than having nobody know who you are!"

. . .

PAUL points out that when fans take a personal interest in a star and his family, they send birthday cards, cards for holidays and all sorts of great fan mail! For instance, brother DICK's gotten tons of mail from COWSILL fans while he's been in the army camp. And since he's been a little home-sick and lonely, it's really cheered him up!


When it comes to cash, The C's have some funny - and fascinating - thoughts to offer!

BILL believes a certain amount of money should be set aside for charity. It should be put in a church poor box or given to organizations, orphanages, medical research - anywhere it'll do some good where it's most needed!

BOB's against giving money away to people who don't deserve it but try to make you think they're charity cases. For instance, he rarely gives money to beggars in the street. It's not really mean of him. He will tell them about places that will help them get jobs, food, clothing and shelter - and that's worth more than handing them a quarter!

. . .

JOHN's turned off by people who think money's nothing. He think it's fun to be excited by it, enjoy it - 'cause he remembers a time when The C's, didn't have any! It's good to like money, JOHN thinks - as long as it's never more important to you than people and being a good person!


. . .

BOB agrees with MIKE. According to him, some girls think they love a guy because their friends admire him or he looks good or dresses well or he's a good dancer. All these are nice reasons to date him, but not to be in love with him! BOB thinks that before a girl tells a guys she loves him, or even thinks she does, she better look very closely at her reasons. She may find she admires him a lot - but doesn't love him, after all.

. . .

JOHN thinks love can happen at any age. Adults laugh at kids sometimes when kids tell them they're in love. But JOHN says, "No matter what you call it - it's sill very real. And it's still love!" He thinks that as long as you feel it, it doesn't matter what your reasons are or how long it's going to last. It's love at the time!

BILL is newly married, so he just glows with love. All he really has to say (over and over again) is "Love is GREAT!" and "Karen's wonderful!"

. . .

PAUL says "loving one person makes you nicer to everybody. You're happy and you want other to be happy, too. You want to share love and spread it around. And that's the nicest think about it!"

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