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"Our First Kisses"
Share Intimate Moments With Your Favorite Stars
October 1969
For Teens Only Magazine


BARRY COWSILL hated his first kiss - because he hated girls at that time!

"The only thing I was interested in was football," said Barry, "definitely not what I thought was mushy stuff like kissing and hugging and all that junk."

But there was this little girl who kept following him around and had a great big crush on him. She just wouldn't leave him alone! And one day she did it. She came right up to him and gave him a big kiss.

"I jumped back as if she'd punched me," Barry said, "I said - 'uh' - and wiped my mouth! But I started to think about it. And a little later, it didn't seem quite so bad. Now I like it - and I wish girls would come up and kiss me more often like that!"

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