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Susan Cowsill Fights Back
November 1970
For Teens Only Magazine


Susie Cowsill Thinks it's important for a younger sister to keep her brothers in line!

"It must be exciting to be a Cowsill!"

"How does it feel to have groovy brothers like Bob and Paul and John and Barry?"

Susie, the only girl in The Cowsill family, admits that she thinks she has a terrific family and wouldn't change it for anything. And she especially loves being part of the family singing group.

But sometimes being the only girl does have its drawbacks. Susie's brothers naturally have a lot of fun teasing her, but Susie's learned to fight back.


Big brother Bob give Susie a horseback ride.

"Like at breakfast," Susie says. "You really have to get there early to beat your brothers to the scrambled eggs."

Actually, getting enough to eat isn't a big problem for Susie. The refrigerator in The Cowsill home is always well-stocked with goodies. No, Susie has more important things to worry about, like finding sand in her sheets and a frog under her pillow when she crawls into bed, or "accidentally" getting a glass of water thrown on her best dress when she's ready to go out.

But Barry, John, Paul and Bob (before he was married) have learned that Susie, too, has the family talent for practical joking.

"She's really a pest sometimes," says Barry. "She puts sugar on my French fries, and sometimes she wears my shirts and doesn't tell me."

But with all the practical jokes Susie and her brothers play on each other there are a lot of nice surprises, too. "My brothers got me my dog Suebar," says Susie. "But they had him in their apartment, so I wouldn't suspect,"

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