A Song By Any Other Language Will Sound As Sweet !!

Part I

Take the following songs and tell me which Cowsill song they really are and what language the title is written in.

1. Sie Haben Keine Zeit

2. Neige

3. Cobertor Do Jornal

4. Der Sonnenschein Ihrer Liebe

5. Cielo Tenuto

6. La Lluvia, El Parque Y Otras Cosas

7. Chemin De l'Amour

8. Soprattutto

9. Pelo

10. Legendas Do Amor

Part II

Now a couple of fun ones, but perhaps MUCH easier. Iíll give you a lyric that Iíve had translated from English to a second language and then back to English. Correct the lyric.

1. We will go two for two, gentleman, open above of the door.

(English to Portuguese back to English)

2. It was once said you to me that, you always would be mine and would hold me. More narrowly in your arms and never, leave-never me go.

(English to French and back to English)

3. Well is sure it that the level to to see, you were cheatin ' on me. But I cannot find out if, or with whom. They are in filling area of the bed, and this view on your face, explain to me that you were out, out cheatin ' on me.

(English to German and back to English)

4. It is a moment for Remembrance, time to remember the things that I could not think yesterday. Hour my eyes sopportano rassomiglianza, to the eyes that they have used to increase to the word ch' ev' ry you would say.

(English to Italian and back to English)

5. The opinion of the Oh you can consider, my eyes if you can, then my too short hair. Down to here, down to there, down to there, down to where he stops by itself. He never must cut it, ' cause stopped to him by itself.

(English to Spanish and back to English)

6. Now a really fun one. (English to French to German to English !!!)

It is not into rÍverie (that today dreams) on the day seems habitual not, as it to never terminate could and so my friend we has years. Baby is strange it, as I can in such a way feel ensoleillť, if you are in the proximity I, us can flight

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