Cowsill Hangman

Rules of the game:
a- Choose a category.
b- Activate a random word by clicking the gray box.
c- Guess a letter, one at a time,
    pushing "Enter" button after each guess.

- Punctuation marks (!, ?, ', etc) are counted as a letter.
- Bad guesses will be counted against you.
- You are allowed wrong guesses equal to the length
   of the mysterious song or album.
- The counter down the page shows how many bad guesses remain.

a- Select a category:
Song Album

b- Activate Random


Used letters:


Warning! You only have bad guess before you lose!.

Written By:
Year Recorded:
Lead Singer:
Note. The number of Songs/Albums enlisted in the Game is: so far.

Code was modified from code found at
by The JavaScript Source

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