Finding A Cowsill's House

Finding A Cowsill House

Remember when you were young and fantasized about running off and finding that famous Cowsill house? Here's your chance.

You board a plane destined for a city you've thought a lot about. As the plane soars off, your mind drifts into the planning mode as you consider what details you could have forgotten.

After a gentle set down, you rent a small blue car (you don't want to be too obvious) and once again read over your list of clues to your destination. You turn the key now, take one last deep breath, and proclaim your calling, "Watch out world, cuz here I come."

Your on your own now. The objective of this game is to find the house and hopefully get a chance to say hi! You start where it says "Start", and you'll have to get to where it says "finish" (confused yet?). Click on one of the boxes, to find out how many steps you can move ahead. Then go so many steps ahead. Sometimes a little box will pop up and tell you to do something. Do exactly what it says! Otherwise you won't be able to meet The Cowsills. The C's hate cheaters! You can also play this game with two players.

Have fun!

Start finish

Player two

Start finish

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