Cowsill Trivia - Answers

1. How old was Barbara and Bud when they got married?
Married in July 1947, Barb would have been 19 and Bud would have been 21.

2. The record name JODA stand for two people's names. Who are they?
Johnny Nash and Danny Simms

3. What Cowsill producer went on to be a promoter at the first Woodstock?

Artie Kornfield

4. What name did Bud and Barbara like so well that they used for two of their sons?

5. What is the name of the amusement park in Atlantic City, New Jersey, that the Cowsills would often play in the late 60's?
Steel Pier

6. How many different cities were the seven siblings born in?
Four. Bill was born in Providence, Rhode Island, Rich, Bob, and Paul were born in Portsmouth, Virginia, Barry and John born in Newport, Rhode Island, and Susan in Canton, Ohio.

7. Bill took what was left of his Cowsill money and bought what in a converted railway station in Austin?

Bill bought a bar.

8. What was Bud's rank when he retired from the Navy?
Chief Petty Officer

9. How many childen do the seven siblings have?
As of 2002, the seven siblings had 17 children.

10. How many of the six brothers are grandfathers? and who was the first to become one?
Richard was the first to become a grandfather, and as of 2002, Rich, Bob, Paul, and Barry are all grandfathers!! Congratulations guys !!!

11. Who worked in a perfume factory in his post Cowsill days?

12. Who has 2 dogs named Lucy and Red?

13. Who has a turtle named Tommy?

14. What was the name of the studio that Global was recorded at and who owns that studio?
Rumbo Recorders, Canoga Park, CA is where Global was recorded. Rumbo is owned by Daryl Dragon and Toni Tenille, also known as The Captain and Tenille.

15. Which Cowsill does a comedy(?) routine about Sector Nine?

16. Which Cowsill was caught taking a toy cannon and trying to shoot Christmas bulbs off the tree?

17. What song is credited to David Ray but was actually written by Bill? This song was recorded how many times by a Cowsill?
II X II. Both Bill and Barry (The Cowsills) recorded versions of this song.

18. At what major league ballpark did the Cowsills perform at in "Soundblast 66" with the Byrds, The McCoys, and the Beach Boys?
Yankee Stadium

19. How many years did the Cowsill song "Love American Style" play on the TV show?
Just one season

20. Who is Richard's Godmother?
Aunt Flo

21. What college did Bob attend in New York?
Pace College

22. Bob's first guitar (well I assume after the one Bud brought home) was what kind? (Hint: It came from Sears)
Bob's first guitar was a black Silvertone.

23. Who was the producer that left the Cowsill during the Cocaine Drain years to go produce Bruce Springstein?
Chuck Plotkin

24. What company bought the rights to the Cowsills older music in 2000?

25. Are Bob and Rich faternal or paternal twins and which is the oldest?
Bob and Rich are faternal twins with Rich being 19 mins older than Bob.

26. What song did a form of the Cowsills record under the name Bridey Murphy?
Be Your Mother's Son / The Time Has Come

27. What was the name of the group that Robby "Cowsill" Scharf played in during the 70's with Shawn Cassidy?

28. In what city did a DJ get fired for playing Hair? (Until the phone lines lit up and it became a hit.)

29. What is the name of the tank that John is driving in the Harvey Pop Comic?
John's Martian Tank

30. Which Cowsill has a child who is credited as recording at a YOUNGER age then they themselves did?
Susan. Susan and Peter's daughter is credited on the Continental Drifters CD Vermilion.

31. Which Cowsill says they have never written a song (totally)?

32. Which two Cowsill's have strong Beach Boy connections?
Bill and John

33. What Canadian city did Bill live in for a long time before moving to Calgery?

34. What was the name of the character that Bill played on the Canadian TV show Lonesome Dove?

35. What kind of guitar did Barry have stolen only to find it up for bid on eBay?
It was a early 60's model Gretch Country Gentleman with black leather snap off back.

36. What was Barry's wife's maiden name, what was her occupation when they were married, and where were they married at?
Barry married Deborah Scott on the lawn of Halidon Hall. Debbie was a DJ in Boston at the time.

37. What is the meaning behind Barry's psedo-name Elvis Franklin?
Two of Barry's idols are Elvis Presley and Benjamin Franklin.

38. What was the name of the fictional group that Barry was playing with when he moved back to New Orleans in 1999?
Plywood Guy or The Mannequin Guys or the Blowup Babes

39. How many record labels have the Cowsill (as a unit - not individually) recorded under?
Seven. JODA, Phillips, Mercury, MGM, London, Rockville Records, and Robin Records

40. How many takes did it take to record Hair?
52 takes according to John

41. Which Cowill was on the show "To Tell The Truth"?

42. Which Cowsill once drove a truck for United Van Lines?

43. Name two groups that Robby and John have played in, excluding The Cowsills.
The Pranks, Belair Bandits and C & K

44. What was Paul's draft number?
2 (must have been 1971) and 123 in 1970

45. Name two non-Cowsills who have played bass with the group?
Robby Scharf, Cecil Duke, Bobby Gianetti to name a few

46. What was Bob's draft number in 1970?

47. In 2001, The Cowsills were the answer to a 'Who Wants To Be A Million' question? To what Celebrity was this ask? And who was her celebrity husband who Moooo as a clue to her?

Amy Grant was the contestant and her husband was country singer Vince Gill

48. What song kept The Rain, The Park and Other Things out of the Billbards's #1 slot?
Daydream Believer by The Monkees

49. What song kept Hair out of the Billbards's #1 slot?
Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In by The 5th Dimension

50. Name three singers/groups that Paul worked for in the post-Cowsill years?
At least 4 - Three Dog Night, Helen Reddy, Mac Davis, John Denver

51. On which album did Paul record and yet he is not pictured on the cover?
We Can Fly

52. What four colors of vinyl can you find the single Christmastime recorded on?
Black, Red, Green and White

53. Name one of the first colleges that the Cowsills began playing at back in those early days.
Brown University and Providence College

54. What TV show did Bob and Bill perform on during those early years when they lived in Canton, Ohio?
Spotlight On Talent

55. Who was on the cover of the TV Guide the week that A Family Thing aired?
Frank Sinatra

56. What TV show gave The Cowsills their first big break?
The Today Show

57. On which Cowsill picture sleeve can you find the mistake where Barry's name is under John's picture and vice versa?
The 45 Most Of All

58. Which Bachelor was Bob on his Dating Game appearance?

59. A Family Thing aired of what date, day of the week, time slot, and what shows did it go head to head with?
A Family Thing aired on Saturday, November 11, 1968 at 8:30 PM. The other shows airing in the same time slot were Lawrence Welk and My Three Sons.

60. Where can you find Alligator Rock?
By the Cowsill's Newport house on Indian Ave.

61. What club did the very young Cowsills play in that is now a candy store on Banister's Wharf?

62. Where was Barbara and Bud living at the time of their deaths?
Barb lived in Tempe, AZ and Bud lived on the Baja coast of Mexico.

63. What was the name of Susan's dog that often made the pages of 16 magazine?
Subar - Susan and Barbara

64. Which three Cowsills were part of the band Bridey Murphy?
That would be Bill, Barry and Paul !!

65. Where was the video for The Rain, The Park and Other Things shot?
Bob says that was Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

66. Name two other names the Cowsills considered playing under during the comeback years.
The Critics, The Secrets, The Orphans

67. In 1992, The Cowsills were awarded "Best Unsigned Local Band" at the LA Music Awards. Who presented the award to them?
Jeanie herself - Barbara Eden

68. What song is the only Cowsill song they ever recorded in a language other than English? What language did they record in?
Voila Con Noi (We Can Fly) was recorded in Italian.

69. In which city was the In Concert recorded in?
Cleveland, Ohio

70. Who was the clown on the cover of the Captain Sad album?
John says it was the make-up man for the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz.

71. With what jazz great did The Cowsills star with at Steel Pier?
Duke Ellington

72. Which Cowsill had a son who played semi-pro baseball and what position did that son play?
Paul's son Brendon was a pitcher in the minor leagues.

73. What was the name of the book/movie Paul wrote that was a biography of The Cowsills?
The Other Things About The Rain and The Park

74. What song was written by a Cowsill and recorded by Hootie & The Blowfish?
Susan's - The Rain Song

75. What was the address of The Cowsills apartment in New York City back in the late 60's?
888 8th Ave

76. In his post-Cowsill years, John made TV appearances as part of which two TV character's bands?
John was part of Blackie's band on General Hospital and also part of Jessie's band on Full House.

77. Which Cowsill song can be heard as Musac in elevators?
We Can Fly

78. What company was the corporate sponsor of TORI 2000 when all seven Cowsills performed together?

79. Which song was released overseas as a single, but never released in the US?
Gray, Sunny Day

80. Which country released an EP with TRTP&OT, A Time for Remembrance, We Can Fly and River Blue?
New Zealand

81. Name 3 other groups Susan has been a part of besides The Cowsills?
Double Date, Psycho Sisters, Continental Drifters, and The Bonoffs to name a few.

82. Which Cowsill song is subtitled "Song For Marissa"?

83. Where can you find Cowsill Lane?
Newport, Rhode Island, of course!!

84. On which TV show can you find John twirling his drum sticks?
Ed Sullivan - 1967

85. When was the only time The Cowsills worked with a choreographer?
A Family Thing - 1968

86. Which two Cowsill children have art careers?
Jason, Bob's son, is a graphic designer and Travis, Bill's son, is a cartoonist.

87. For which TV show does Tiffany Cowsill-Scheu work as a lead person?

88. Name two bands that Cowsill children play/have played in?
Paul and his sons have a band called The Seed. Del, Bill's son, has a band called the Del Cowsill Band. Rumor also has it that some of the children had a band called The Cousins.

89. Name two Cowsills and the jobs they have held in the TV/movie industry?
Paul has worked building sets. Tiffany is the lead (set design) person for MAD TV, and has also worked as a set dresser, shopper, art department assistant and coordinator on various projects. Travis Cowsill is credited for animation work in the movie "Stay Tuned". Brendon has worked as a set dresser and on swing gangs. Shane has also worked as a lead person. Nanci Roberts Cowsill has worked as a production designer on movies. She's also credited as an art director, art department coordinator, lead person, and visual effects art director.

90. What is the shortest recorded song on the 7 major Cowsill albums (Lincoln Park, The Cowsills, We Can Fly, Captain Sad, In Concert, II x II, On My Side)?
Dover Mines from On My Side - time of 1:50.

91. What is the longest recorded song on the 7 major Cowsill albums?
We have a tie here. On My Side's Mystery Of Life and II x II's Father both run for 3:55.

92. What book inspired Bob when he wrote Contact Mae?
John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. In fact the line "Board and bat shacks, pies and lunch packs, long bar, stools and footrail" comes directly from the book.

93. How much did the Cowsill drum set cost in the 1969 Sears Christmas Catalog?

94. What was the first album that Bill and Bob produced?
We Can Fly

95. Who was the host of the VH-1's "My Generation" featuring The Cowsills back in 1992?
Herman's Hermit Peter Noone

96. On which Burt Reynolds sitcom was there a referece to The Cowsills made?
"Evening Shade" on March 23, 1992. Burt had been to a Nirvana concert the night before and he was complaining about the music. A friend of his says to him, "Well, it's not The Cowsills."

97. Who was given a copy of The Cowsills album as a birthday present on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1990?
Michael J Fox and he wasn't too happy that it wasn't autographed !!

98. Which Cowsill was married barefoot in the garden of a close friend?
Susan as she wed Peter Holsapple. Susan and Peter were married in Vicki Pterson's garden. Paul gave Susan away and Lou Ann was the matron of honor. They honeymooned in Spain!!

99. What song did Susan sing with Dean Martin on his show back in 1969?
Shine On, Harvest Moon

100. What 1994 Jim Carrey movie featured a Cowsill song?
Dumb and Dumber featured The Rain, The Park and Other Things

101. Name two Cowsill connections with Bob Dylan.
According to Bob, John has worked as a studio musician with him, and Susan with the Continental Drifters opened for Dylan at the Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard one night in 1992. Also Bob Dylan played at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965, but I'm not sure if any of the Cowsill saw him perform. I think I remember (but don't quote me) Bob saying that he was standing outside listening.

102. What was John's pet monkey's name and what was his fate?
John's named the miniature monkey Clyde and he only lived with the Cowsills one night. John woke up the next morning to find him frozen to death in his cage. He is buried on the grounds of Halidon Hall.

103. What is the Cowsill conncection to a former pro bike racer?
Susan's husband, Russ Broussard, was a former pro bike racer.

104. What lead singer of the song "Build Me Up Buttercup" once lived with The Cowsills?
Clem Curtis. I was a tad confuse to say Clem sang lead on this with the Foundations (that was Colin Young), although Clem did record this song. Thanks Bill for the correction!!

105. What other two famous drummers share a birthday with John?
Karen Carpenter was born March 2, 1950 and Jay Osmond was born March 2, 1955.

106. What was the first album Susan recorded on?
We Can Fly

107. Rehearsals not withstanding, what was the first performance including Barbara and Susan?
An audition for Lenny Stogel.

108. What other groups did Lenny Stogel manage?
Sham and the Pharoahs, Tommy James and the Shondells, the Royal Guardsman (remember the Snoopy songs??), and Keith

109. What medical emergency did Bob have while on his honeymoon with Nanci?
Bob came down with appendicitis while in the Bahamas.

110. Can you name at least five types of pets the Cowsills have/had?
Barry and John once had pet snakes. John had a monkey for one night. There were several dogs including 'Subar' and 'Curley'. Also John's 'Roxanne' and Bob's 'Whiskers'. Bill also raised Irish Setters in Oklahoma for awhile. There was several cats including Susan's 'Snowball' and John's 'Bootsie'. And we can't forget Bob's turtle 'Tommy'. One more, Barry had a pet hampster named Dylan (after Bob Dylan)

111. Name at least six schools at least one of the Cowsills attended.
In Newport/Middletown, the kids attended Howland Grammer, Forest Avenue Primary, St. Augustine's, and Middletown High. Also John and Barry went to Berkley Peckham. In Canton Ohio, the kids went to St. Joseph's. In California, the kids attended Hollywood Professional Children's School. Also we know Bob attended Pace College in New York and he met Nanci while attending Hollywood College.

112. For what soap opera and for which character did John once audition? Who beat him out for the part?
John was Jack Wagner's competition for the part of Frisco Jones on General Hospital.

113. What is the name of the play and what was the characters name that John performed in? This play was February 27 - March 27, 1998 in Ojai.
The play was Beggers and John sang and acted the part of MacHeath.

114. Which of the teen magazines of the day and what date first featured The Cowsills?
The smaller BEAT Magazine had an article on The C's 7/30/66.
Of the 'big boys,' 16 Magazine in October 1966 had a mention of The Cowsills (just the four boys). Tiger Beat,January 1968, was the first Cowsills cover.

115. Which Cowsill album was released in mono as well as stereo?
The Cowsills is the album released in these two formats.

116. Which Cowsill 45 was released with two different center labels?
Indian Lake / Newspaper Blanket - The first pressing had a black label, while the second pressing had the blue and gold label.

117. How was the Cowsill flower logo designed and who designed it orginally?
Archie Scott of St. Charles, MO designed this logo as part of a contest held by 16 magazine.

118. What is the difference in this logo and the one you see on Global (beside the color)?
The Global logo, drawn by Jo Malone, has the right side leaf more colored in than the orginal.

119. Where was that first Cowsill - MGM audition held?
In the executive movie screening room of the Prevue Theater at 1540 Broadway in New York City.

120. What songs did the Cowsills play at this MGM audition?
They played the top hits of all the MGM artists. They did Summer In The City, House Of The Rising Sun, Soul & Inspiration, and they even did Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?

121. Who played bass in the Cocaine Drain sessions?
Paul Cowsill

122. Who was the song Crystal Claps written for?
Crystal was Warren Zevon's wife

The following answers come from clipping belonging to Claire from Newport. Thanks for sharing !!

123. Who was the first Cowsill Fan Club President?
Ann Galina from Worcester, MA

124. At Soundblast 66 the Cowsills performed with 6 other individuals/groups. Can you name three?
Beach Boys, Four Seasons, Stevie Wonder, The McCoys, The Marvelettes, The Gentry's

125. What are some of the VERY early TV shows the Cowsills were on?
Central Park Mall (Central Park au Go Go), The Today Show NBC, Roosevelt Stadium (WMCA show), Rhode Island Auditorium (WICE show) with Paul Revere, Captain Kangeroo's Dressing Room (several times)

126. What was the date of the bankruptcy filing?
Thursday August 21, 1975 (according to a newpaper article August 22, 1975)

127. What were the debt and assets claimed in this filing?
Debt - $445,339 Assets - $4,873. Bud also had $50 in Egyptian pounds in his pocket.

128. At what address were the Cowsills living when they signed their first contract?
611 Indian Avenue

129. What was the ghost's name who lived in Halidon Hall?
Captain McCormick

130. What was Bud's title and rank when he retired from the Navy?
Chief Machinist Mate. Bud was in the Navy 23 years.

131. On what date did the Cowsills perform on the Today show?
September 24, 1965

132. What price did Bud pay for the guitar he bought for Bill and Bob?
One carton of American cigarettes

133. Before The Cowsills, Barb once sat in with Bill and Bob if a group called what? What kind of music did they perform?
The group was called Family Sing and they sang folk music like Peter, Paul, and Mary

134. Which of the Cowsills LPs was highest on the Billboard charts?
The Cowsills In Concert was #16 in June of 1969. (The Cowsills was second coming in at #31 in December of 1967.)

135. What major showcase did The Cowsills play where they were attributed the name of 'America's First Family of Music'??
The showcase was at New York's Town Hall Theater.

136. List three Cowsill fan club Presidents.
Ann Galina, Diane Warner, Marsha Jordon

137. From January 1968 to March 1971, which Cowsill's picture was on the front of 16 Magazine most?
That would be John!! Here's my counts (which of course could be off a tad).
Bob - 1
Paul- 6
Barry - 9
John - 12
Susan - 6

138. What company was the sponsor of A Family Thing?

139. What date did Love American Style, featuring the Cowsills singing the theme, debut?
September 29, 1969 on ABC

140. Which Cowsill was hospitalized from a motocycle wreck in 1970 while riding on a cycle with Nanci Roberts Cowsill's brother, Kenny?

141. When, and it which teen magazine, were the Cowsill's first mentioned?
Earliest I know of is Teen World December 1966. Yes 1966 !!! That was back in the Phillips days.

142. Without looking, can you name the B-side of the following records?

          All I Really Want To Be Is Me - And The Next Day Too
          The Rain, The Park, and Other Things - River Blue
          We Can Fly - A Time For Rememberance
          Indian Lake - Newspaper Blanket
          Hair - What Is Happy?
          The Impossible Years - The Candy Kid
          Silver Threads and Golden Needles - Love American Style
          Covered Wagon - Blue Road
          Christmastime - Some Good Years

143. On which day of the week were most of the 9 Cowsills born?
That would be Friday. Billy, Rich, Bob and John were all born on a Friday. Next would be Wednesday, on which Bud and Susan were born. Barb was born on a Thursday, Paul on a Sunday, and Barry on a Tuesday.

144. The siblings each have a necklace that is of wings and a heart. Who gave these necklaces to them?
Bill got those for his siblings as a symbol of love and support.

144. On the II x II album, which Cowsill's picture is in the centerfold?
That would be John

145. On the inside of the II x II album, which performing Cowsill can we NOT clearly see their picture?
That would be Barbara

146. Where were the photo's for the II x II album taken?
Those photos were taken at Crystal Sound in Los Angeles.

147. Can you name all the Cowsill albums that are gatefolds?
The Cowsills, Captain Sad, IIxII

148. On Billy's Nervous Breakthrough album, what one word is written on the inside artwork? (This does not include credits)

149. In December 2004, Billy released a CD recorded in 1985 titled 'Billy Cowsill Live at the Crystal Ballroom 1985' Billy did this as an opening set for which other artist?
k.d. lang

150. Mattel included 2 Cowsill LP's as accessories in Barbie Houses in the 1960's. Can you name which two albums covers were used?
The Cowsills and We Can Fly

151. Other than being where a Cowsill held regular gigs, what does The Mecca Cafe and Pickwicks Pub have in common?
Both were burned down by arson. The Mecca Cafe on July 26, 2002 and Pickwick's Pub on April 2, 2005.

152. Who was pictured in the first ever publicity photo?
That would be Bill, Bob, Barry, John and Mini-Mom. Which photo was the first official publicity shot? Click here to see.

153. Why were the Cowsills kicked out of a London restaurant in 1969?
For singing at the breakfast table.

154. What does Paul Cowsill and Todd Rundgren have in common except music?
Both have sons who played minor league baseball. Brendon Cowsill pitched for the Angels system and Rex Rundgren was a shortstop in the Marlins system

155. What does A Family Thing and Full House have in common besides John being in both?
Don Van Atta

156. What 45 did versions of The Cowsills record twice between 1971 and 1974?
"The Time Has Come" It was on the B-side of "You In My Mind" and Bridey Murphy also recorded it.

157. What was the name of the Dick Clark 'oldies' tour in 1990 the the Cowsills almost joined
Caravan of Stars

158. Which two other groups were going to be part of this tour?
The Grass Roots and The Turtles

159. Who was the man who taught Billy and Bob those first chords on guitar?
Jack Johnson

160. How did Billy, Bob and Barry learn what a bass guitar was?
They saw their first bass when The Beatles were on The Ed Sullivan Show.

161. What was the name of the A&R guy who got fired in 1991 for trying to sign The Cowsills?
Marc Nathan - Here's an interview with him.

162. In 1998 a compilation was sold by Avon Cometics that included what Cowsill song?
Indian Lake was on Avon's Surfin' USA cassette.

163. In what section of Disneyland did the Cowsills perform in 1968?
That would be Tomorrowland Terrace on a stage that rose up out of the ground.

164. What two stars were also on the marquee at the Flamingo Hotel while the Cowsills performed there?
Kay Stevens and Dick Shawn

165. What song was recorded on an LP by both The Cowsills and The Partidge Family?
The song " I Really Want To Know You" was recorded by The Cowsills on II x II and by The Partridge Family on The Partridge Family

166. Which song was the last recorded performance by Billy before his death?
Stewart MacDougall has told Marsha that "Days I'm with the Horses" was recorded in Calgary on July 18, 2005, with Bill producing and that this was Bill's last recorded performance.

167. Which Cowsill song was performed in 2007 during an IKEA commecial?
Beautiful Beige

168. What color was the suit that Bob wore on both The Dating Game and The Generation Gap?

169. Name 3 Vancouver bands that Billy's son, Del, has played in?
Some of Del's bands include The Top Drawers, Jason Kechely, Pete Werner, and The Capitals.
Also, as of November 2007, Del is part of a band called The Dustin Bentall Outfit.

170. What TV show did The Cowsills appear on that was shown on the Retirement Living Channel?
That would be The Florence Henderson Show which they taped on February 18, 2007

171. What was Billy's last recording?
Billy's last recordings were his contributions to the CD Sorrow Bound Hank Williams Re-Examined

172. What was the street address of the Cowsill home on Indian Ave.?
611 Click here for a photo of that house (picture taken by Dan Fitzgerald).

173. What nickname did his brothers call John back in 1965?
Sir John

174. What month and year was the single "All I Really Want To Be Is Me" released?
That would be in the 3rd week (about) of November in 1965.

175. We all know in those early days that The Cowsills played college/clubs etc. in Rhode Island and Massachusetts,
but name two other states they would travel to on weekends to play.
At least they also traveled to New Hampshire, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania

176. The Cowsills were the first rock and roll group to be seen on what TV show?
The Today Show

177. What did Bud carry around with him in the early days to prove his kids were smart?
Their report cards

178. What did John and what did Richard get in trouble with their folks for stealing from hotels?
John was found confiscating glasses and Richard hotel keys.

179. In the early days, John was compared to what famous and influential American jazz and big band drummer,
known for his highly energetic and flamboyant style?
Gene Krupa

180. What is the name of the first recording company to own the master of Cowsills music during the MGM years?
Greg Yale Inc.

181. When and for how long was the contract signed for the American Dairy Association promotional deal?
According to Variety, it was signed in April 1968 and was to be a four year deal.

182. Besides James Burton, what other famous (also Partridge Family related) studio musician did The Cowsills work with?
Hal Blaine Hal also was the recording drummer for The Partridge Family. Vincent "Vinnie" Bell also says he played on "Hair"

183. Who did the Donald Duck talk on the song "Down On The Farm"?
Our one and only Barry

184. "Indian Lake" is a favorite song of what original Beach Boy?
Brian Wilson! We hear he recorded it for fun in the 2007-2008 time frame.

185. How many Ed Sullivan shows were The Cowsills signed up to do? How many did they do? What happen to the others?
Signed to do ten, The Cowsills only appeared twice. It was rumored that Bud had a run-in with Ed's son-in-law.

186. In an interview what did Ed Sullivan say about The Cowsills?
"the most important musical phenomenom of the decade."

187. We had heard rumors of a Susan doll being talked about, but name two other merchandise items that were considered.
Cowsill Boots, a clothing line, and even a plastic model Halidon Hall !

188. Who was the Cowsill's tutor on that very first bus tour after joining MGM? (Hint: It was not Dotty Crown)
Sherry McClouglin

189. What was the name of the bus driver on that tour?
Jerry Hahn

190. Who missed the bus twice during that tour?
That would be Bill. It happened in Chicago and Mobile, Alabama.

191. What German starlet once threw the Cowsills a party costing $18,000?
Elke Sommer

192. Were The Cowsills ever on The Smothers Brothers Show?
No, but they were asked to do seven shows. They were forced to decline due to contractal concerns.

193. For what show was the Griffith Park video of TRTPOT filmed?
BBC T.V. in Great Britain

194. What was "Biggy" Korn's first name?
Richard "Dick"

195. The milk ad with the Cowsills sitting in a garden (click here to refresh your memory) was taken in what person's garden?
Mrs. William Langley's Bellevue Avenue estate

196. Name at least five places that the milk ad/commercials were filmed.
Alligator Rock, Band stand in King's Park, Hanging Rock, Lighthouse at Newport Harbour, Tree on the grounds of Halidon Hall, Barclay Warburton's brigantine the Black Pearl, intersection of Bellevue Avenue during a downpour - just to name a few.

197. What was the name of the bar Billy owned in Austin?
McNeil Depot (now called Donn's Depot)


198. What name did Billy first suggest for The Blue Shadows and why?
The Blue Stragglers. A blue straggler is a astronomy term where two stars create a single star.

199. The Blue Shadows had tour t-shirts in 1994. What slogan was written on these?
Low Tech, High Torque

200. What was the first set of drums that John played, what kind did he REALLY want, and did he get that brand?
John says in a 2009 interview that the first kit he played was a 50ís-era Blue sparkle Slingerland. He also states that he wanted a set of Ludwig drums, and that he did get that set of Ludwigs - red sparkle.


201. What is the name of the Tech who sets up John's drums for his Beach Boys gigs?

Trick question! John says in a 2009 interview that he travels with the crew and is his own tech. He likes to set things up himself so he knows they are just right!

202. Which Beatles album and which Beach Boys album did John list as part of his Top 10 all-time albums?
In this same 2009 interview, John lists Revolver and Abbey Road also Pet Sounds

203. What gothic soap opera actress was a neighbor of the Cowsills when they lived in Santa Monica/Brentwood, California in 1969?
That would be Dark Shadows actress Joan Bennett. She played Elizabeth Collins Stoddard on the show.

204. What Three Dog Night song has an intro which sounds a great deal like The Cowsills 1st hit intro?
That would be the song "One". See if you agree. Note: In "One" the lyric starts after 8 beats and on TRTP&OT it starts on the 9th


The Rain, The Park & Other Things

205. We know the C's first professional show was at Kings Park, but what was the occasion?
According to John, it was the Redman Carnival.

206. Jimi Hendrix often jammed as a "principal creative respite, increasingly formed his entire approach to composing and recording new material." Part of these jam sessions was Bill Cowsill.

207. In the 1969-1970 school year, Susan was ______ (president, vice-president, secretery) of the 5th grade and John was the _______ of the 8th grade.
Susan was President of the 5th Grade, and John Vice-President of the 8th Grade

208. The masks that the Cowsills wore on the Captain Sad album cover, represented what?
The seven deadly sins according to Bob.

209. Who did the dog in A Family Thing belong to and where did he come from?
The dog was a wedding present from Hugh Hefner to Bob and Nanci

210. Which two Cowsills worked on the road with Three Dog Night?
Paul and John were roadies for Three Dog Night in the '70s

211. On April 10, 2012, John joined the Beach Boys singing the "National Anthem" at the Dodgers game. He wore a special made Dodgers shirt. What was his number on the shirt?
John - and all the Beach Boys - had shirts saying Beach Boys 50 (for the 50th anniversary) Click here for a view.

212. In what year and with whom was Paul with when his plane nearly crashed in Moline Illinois?
Paul was part of Helen Reddy's crew when this plane hit a storm on a return trip in October 1973.

213. On July 26, 2012, Susan joined Jackson Browne on-stage at Floyd Fest in Virginia. What song did they sing together?
Susan joined Jackson singing "Mouhammad's Radio"

214. When the Beach Boys played the half time show at the Liberty Bowl on December 31, 2005, what instrument did John Cowsill play?
John played guitar.

215. Where was A Family Thing filmed?
That would be Stage 1, NBC Studios - 3000 W. Alameda Avenue, Burbank, California

216. The bar that Billy owned in Austin - McNeil Depot (now called Donn's Depot) - was also famous for what historical event?
First train robbery in Texas after the Civil War.

217. Who was one of the imposters on the episode of To Tell The Truth that Barbara was on?
One was a lady named Sally Eberhardt (at least that's her name in 2005).

218. According to newspaper interviews, where was Suebar's ('Suba') favorite places to sleep?
Suba liked to sleep in a doll bed in Susan's room, or outside John's bass drum in the rehersal room.

219. At ToRI 2000, Bill told a joke to Susan. Bill:"Hey Sue, how do you know there's a chick singer at your door?" What was the punch line to this joke?
She never knows when to come in.

220. When the Cowsills sang the national anthem at the Red Sox game in 2004, four family members wore personalized Sox shirts. Who wore Cowsill 1? Cowsill 2? Cowsill 3? and Cowsill 4?
Cowsill 1 was Susan
Cowsill 2 was Richard
Cowsill 3 was Paul
Cowsill 4 was Bob
Barry didn't wear a Sox shirt

221. How many tours in Vietnam did Richard serve?

222. When ask in about 2013 what he thought he would have been if there had never been a band, what did Richard answer and did that happen?
Richard answered several things: finish school like a normal child, a businessman, buiding houses, architecture, but his final comment was "I'm going to end up a revolutionary."
This he did when he went before camaras fighting for better veteran care up till a month before his passing.

223. When ask in about 2013 what he thought he would have been if there had never been a band, what did John answer?
A dancing girl with Barry Manilow at the Copacabana. He was joking.

224. When ask in about 2013 what she thought she would have been if there had never been a band, what did Susan answer?
Susan said she would have liked to have been a Brownie/Girl Scout, finished school, and become a veterinarian

225. We all know that Cowsill family members tend to talk over each other, so what did Louise P use when interviewing the family to signal it was that person's turn to speak?
A crayon

226. What musical group ask John to play drums (temporary) for them that led to his permanent hiring with the Beach Boys?
The Doobie Brothers

227. What comedian did John take Vicki to see on their first official date hoping to impress her? Was she impressed?
Bob Saget. She couldn't be impressed that night because it turned out Bob wasn't performing that evening.

228. Which famous (long retired) basketball player used to come over and play tennis at the Cowsills house when they lived in Santa Monica?
Wilt Chamberlin

229. What fraternity house did the C's stay at while performing at Eastern Illinois State?
Alpha Kappa Alpha

230. What was the name of the musical that Barry and Susan were working on at the time of his death?
Mrs. Nostradamus.
Keith O. says Barry sang him a few lines: "Here comes Mrs. Nostradamus, (something something) in her striped pajamas." Susan C. says, " Aww... Yes we were having lots of fun with that! I was writing the power ballad, Just One Normal Dream !"

231. What was Richard's military unit name while he was in Vietnam?
37th Signal Battalion

232. What was the name of the tour that John (with Jan and Dean) was a part of in China?
China Friendship Tour

233. Who was the artist who drew the Cowsills Comic Book?
Ernie Colon

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