Melissa "Mitzi" Gibbs
??? - November 24, 2006


Melissa “Mitzi” Gibbs became a part of our collective Cowsill heart family when she had a relationship with Billy. That relationship gave us Billy’s son, Del. Mitzi had been in bad health for a long time when she passed on in her sleep in November 2006, nine months after Billy’s death. Mitzi also has another son, Sean.

From what I have read, Mitzi was described as being involved in “music, art, and all things spiritual,” and “she has nurtured, supported, nursed, fed, clothed, advised and housed many musicians and others during their time of need and was a patron of the arts.” Mitzi was also on the staff of Georgia Strait, a Vancouver lifestyle, news and entertainment weekly magazine.

Mitzi was an artist in her own right. She did work with stained glass (see photo below) and beads to name a couple.


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