Brianica Kirsch
1997or 1998 - July 3, 2002

I never got to meet Brianica. She'd tell her Dad, "But Daddy I got to dance." She sounded like a little girl so full of joy!

A 2002 news article (newspaper ???) says "As a baby, Brianica Kirsch laughed in her sleep and as a toddler she'd often stop in the middle of what she was doing to do a dance.

The 4-year-old was the kind of girl who wakes up each morning, taking note of another perfect day, her family said.

. . . "As a baby she would laugh in her sleep,'' he (Randell) said. "We would be in the middle of something, and - she was 2 1/2 - and she would say, 'Just a minute, Dad, I have to dance,' and she would start dancing.'' "

Brianica was in our hearts because of her Daddy's connect to John, Billy and Bob Cowsill (and others I'm sure).

Little Brianica had a brain tumor and from what I read at the time, she was a real trooper and fought very hard.

I wish I would have known you !!

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