William Alexander "Alex" Chilton
December 28, 1950 March 17, 2010


Alex Chilton was best known to us 'baby-boomers' as the lead singer for The Box Tops.

Alex came to call New Orleans home about a decade before Susan and family (along with the further Vicki Cowsill) moved down South. As the duo Psycho Sisters, Susan and Vicki were known to open shows for Alex, including at September 2001 show at the Howlin' Wolf. Susan and Alex also played a benefit for a bistro employee who was shot in the jaw during an armed robbery in November 2007.

Susan (along with the Watson twins) anchored a tribute show at SxSW on March 20, 2010, singing "September Gurls." Susan said, "Last night....Alex Chilton's tribute show..(I don't like even typing those words) was a beautiful send off to one of our great american songwriters. The spirit was sweet, joyous, somber and final. Though sometimes, he acted like your grumpy Paw Paw, he was, in fact, a really good guy. I will miss seeing you in the market. As my brother Barry would say, 'See ya round the bend Alex'"

A second Cowsill connection is Barry. Barry, Alex, Keith Keller and John Stirratt played in a cover band.

Alex passed away from a heart attack in a New Orleans hospital on St. Patrick's Day 2010.

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