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James and Rebecca Jane (Ayers) Cartledge

James was born September 18, 1758 in North Carolina. As a child, he moved with his family to St. Paul’s Parish, (then Richmond now) Columbia County, Georgia. He spent his whole life here except for times he left for military purposes. In about 1784 in Richmond (Columbia) County, Georgia, James married Rebecca Jane Ayers. Rebecca was born about 1765 in Virginia and died September 11, 1836 in Columbia County, Georgia.

James and Rebecca had 15 children: Ayers (1785-1826), John (1786-abt 1870), Dr. Edmund V(1788-1834), Sarah (1790-1824), Abraham(1792-1814), James (1793-1836), Thomas (1794-1842), Dr. James Jr. (1796-1851), Samuel (1798-1851), Elizabeth (1799-1824), Rebecca (1798-1851), Benjamin (1803-abt 1872), Jeremiah (1805-1879), Joseph (1810-1825), Asenatha (1811-1870).

James was drafted for his first tour in the Revolutionary War for six months in February of 1778. He was a private under Colonel John Stewart, Lieutenant Colonel Elijah Clark and Captain Joseph Duncan. He spent this six months in Florida. He returned to Columbia County, Georgia and volunteered for the war with the Indians. This lasted three weeks. Next, he reentered the service in the latter part of 1778 under Colonel William Stafford and marched to Savannah to prevent the British from coming into the country from that port. After a month, they moved to Beaufort Island, S. C. remaining there for a month before returning home. Next he spent four months in Burke County, Georgia and then home again for three weeks. Next he was in service for four months under Colonel John Dooly, Lieutenant Colonel Elijah Clarke, Major Smith and Captain George Dooly in the Georgia Militia starting in the spring of 1779. This regiment to Burke County, Georgia, patrolling there for four months, protecting Augusta. In the later part of summer, he returned to Columbia County to assist in the attack on Augusta which had been taken by the British. The British held and the regiment retreated over the mountains for the winter. In February 1781 they once again tried to retake Augusta. This lasted till June. He was appointed a Captain under Colonel Few and remained in that capacity to the end of the War.

James was appointed a commissioner of Columbia County in 1812 and according to Whites Among the Cherokees: Georgia 1828-1838 James was a judge in the Inferior Court in Appling, Columbia County. He was also a constable around the time of the Revolutionary War.

James was saved and baptized into the first Baptist Church in Georgia along the Kiokee creek in Columbia County.

James is buried in the Damascus Baptist Church Cemetery, Columbia County, Georgia.

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