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Ratcliff and Mary (Raiford) Boon Jr

Ratcliff Boon Jr. was born about 1710 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He lived there his whole life dying there in 1799. (His will was probated February 4, 1799.) It is assumed he too was a planter as his father. He owned land on the east and north side of Main Blackwater Swamp, Isle of Wight, Virginia. He is listed as an appraiser on several properties. Ratcliff Jr. was named as a "Patriot", in that he furnished supplies during the Revolutionary War.

It is believed that Ratcliff Jr. was married three times. In about 1732 he married Mary Raiford who died in 1766. Second he married Mary Raiford, daughter of William Raiford, by 1771 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. This Mary died about 1773+1778. In about 1780 Ratcliff married Patience Bradshaw who died after 1800. Patient was the daughter of Richard and Patience Bradshaw.

To the union of Ratcliff and Mary Raiford at least eight children were born: 1. Ratcliff III, born 1734 died 1772 2. William, born 1735 died 1799 3. Selah 4. Mary 5. Jesse born January 5, 1744 6. Sion 7. Elizabeth 8. Rebecca

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