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James and Elizabeth (Jennings) Rhoads

American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI) shows James birth as being in 1780. Ancestry trees list him as being born in Bertie County, Georgia but site 1790 census as the records. However, he would have only been 10 years old and therefore not listed as head of household. I think this is another James Rhodes.

Georgia Marriages to 1850 and Georgia Marriages, 1699 – 1944, both show James Rhodes marrying Elizabeth Jennings on October 30, 1802 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. I looked for the marriage record on the Georgia Archives site, but couldn’t find it.

James was in Madison County as early as July 1815 as his daughter’s obituary states she was born July 9, 1815 in Madison county.

Passports Issued by the Governor of Georgia 1810-1820 says 2 March travel through the Creek Nation, James P. Rhodes and John from the county of Washington, the latter with one Negro boy

Also--1820-21 James Rhodes was pastor of county Line baptist Church, Orlethorpe Co. GA.. This is the church where Thomas Rhodes was preacher from 1807-1820

1805 GA Land Lottery from Oglethorpe Co--Richard, Thomas, James, Richard and Samuel Rhodes all had two draws each.

6 April 1813--Will of Jonathan (Ragan?) excrs:Jonathan Ragan, Thomas Rhodes, James Rhodes, Wm. Adams, Ruth Rhodes, Oglethorpe Co. GA--recorded March 1814

2 March 1818--Thomas Rhodes gives up 150 acre tract and 149 acre tract containing his home and store owned by Thomas Rhodes and Son, now owned by Heflin S. Rhodes, The 140 acre tract adjoined land owned by Richard and James Rhodes.

1821 Oglethorpe Co. lawsuit--Richard, Thomas and James Rhodes and Daniel Morgan (who was husband of Gracie Rhodes) sell Richard's property 134 acres on dry fork of Long Creek adjoining James' property FIFA

1825, March 1--from "Abstracts of Georgia Journal, Vol III, p.224"
" be sold at courthouse in Lexington, Oglethorpe Co., first Tuesday in April....154 acres on Long Creek adjoining Richard Rhodes and others....FIFA........ Also 56 acres of land, property of James Rhodes to satisfy 2 FIFAs, one in favor of Elias Beall and one in favor of William McElory vs. James Rhodes

James must have been somewhat political as he was nominated to be a delegate for the Senatorial Convention


James was a delegate at the 33th Senatorial district (Walton and Clarke Counties) held at Snow Mills July 25, 1851

As early as Dec 11, 1851 James started publishing a notice to sell his land with the intent of moving west. This continued until at least Jan 29, 1852.

Estate notifications started as soon as October 1855

James Rhoads Will and Estate Records