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Anthony and Sarah (Taliferro) Thornton Jr.

Anthony Thornton was born between 1727 (SAR Records) and 1730 (American Genealogical-Biographical Index) in Virginia.

According to “U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900”, Anthony Thornton married Sarah Taliferro in 1746 in Virginia.

The Statutes at Large 10 Pages 209-210 states: Landowners in Caroline and King and Queen Counties were identified by name in drawing the line between the existing Parish of Drysdale and a new Parish of Saint Asaph. They included John Page, Christopher Smith, Anthony Seale, Frederick Phillips, Edmund Pendleton the elder, and Edmund Jones. And the commissioners of the glebe of the new parish were Pendleton, William Lyne, Anthony Thornton, junior, Thomas Coleman, Mungo Roy and James Upshaw

Justices of the Peace of Colonial Virginia, 1757-1775 list Anthony Thornton as a sheriff in in Caroline County, Dec 21 1765.

Also the online Stafford County Sheriff History page lists him as sheriff from 1727-1728.

SAR papers for Robert John Thornton lists Anthony Thornton, Sr. as “s the ancestor who assisted in the establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of Sheriff-Caroline Co., - 1767, Justice – Caroline County 1776 (Committee of Safety) Caroline County, 1774-1775.

SAR papers for Edmond A. Worleys list the services as follows: 1767 Col. Anthony Thornton Sheriff of Caroline County, Virginia 1774-5 Member of Committee of Safety Caroline Co 1776 Justice of Caroline Co. Va. Service Record and Genealogical Data Records Thornton Record In War Department National Number 44121, 221174, 248720, and 252144

Tyler’s Quarterly Magazine Page 50 It was recorded on 25 April 1726 that William Stark, Gentleman, was appointed Sheriff of Stafford county by Lieut. Governor Hugh Drysdale. On page 320 under date of 20 Sept. 1726 it is recorded that Robert Carter, Esq., appointed Anthony Thornton Sheriff of Stafford county "in the room of William Stork, Gent., . dec'd....”

Executive Journals of the Council of Colonial Virginia Vol 4 Page 308 says: Ordered That a new Commission of the Peace be issued for the County of Stafford, and that Mr Anthony Thornton be placed in the said Commission according to his former Rank, and that Chaundler Fowke and High French be added to said Commission.

Tidewater Virginia families – Hutcheson Davis - Page 350 The Caroline militia-men were severely hampered in their ability to help with the defense against Benedict Arnold. They were without weapons. Col. Anthony Thornton ordered the men beck to Caroline, stating that he did so on the ordered of General Thomas Nelson. They were to return home and wait in readiness for further orders and weapons. Col. Thornton wrote the governor requesting 250 muskets. When it became apparent that the local militia had neither the manpower nor the weapons to stop Arnold or Cornwallis, General Washington sent Lafayette to Virginia. He was able to stop Arnold, but he did not have the manpower to deal with deal with both. It took the assistance of General Anthony Wayne, who was ordered down from Pennsylvania. These were tense days when Cornwallis reached Hanover, and then marched into southwestern Caroline County. Since General Wayne then reached Falmouth, Cornwallis turned west to Charlesville, hoping to capture the governor and the General Assembly there. The arrival of both Wayne and Lafayette in Virginia turned the tide and Cornwallis retreated to the peninsula between the York and James Rivers.

It appears that Anthony became the guardian of several orphans:
14 Dec 1769, John Connor, orph of Wm, chose Anthony Thornton gdn
6 May 1762 Thomas Landrum Gent Guardian Divers of Turner Dixon and Harry Dixon under the will of Thomas Turner the elder deceased, Thomas Turner by Thomas Jett, Mary Turner and Sarah Turner by Anthony Thornton Gent their guardian, defendants; vs Edward Dixon Gent only acting executor of the will of Thomas Turner the elder; Suit concerns promise of Thomas Turner the elder to pay Edward Dixon 2,000 pounds current money of Virginia on Dixon’s marriage to Turner’s daughter Sarah. (King George County Orders #3, pp 994-1012

A History of Caroline County Virginia by Marshall Wingfields says ” The Calendar of State Papers (Virginia) contains several letters to and from Colonel Anthony Thornton. From one of these we learn that at the time it was written there were 644 Caroline men under arms. Governor Nelson writes Colonel Thornton to have all the four he can get in Caroline shipped from Port Royal round into the Piankatank with all possible dispatch. Col. Thornton writes Colonel Davies under the date of May 1, 1782, that “Clothing for the army, due from Caroline, has been ready at Bowling Green for some months.”

William and Mary College Quarterly Vol 5, Page 58 says that Anthony was referenced as being: “of Ormesby", Caroline county. This estate was acquired by Anthony Thornton, the elder, who it is stated, about 1715 built the oldest portion of the present house, and gave the estate to his son Anthony. He was sheriff of Caroline in 1767, and was alive in 1778. He married, first, Sarah Taliafero, and secondly, in 1764 (Parish Register) Susannah Fitzhugh.


Known children born to this union:
1. Anthony born February 1, 1748 died December 21, 1828, married Mary Rootes
Virginia Herald
August 1, 1806 3:6
A great bargain! As I intend to remove to the state of Kentucky, I offer for sale, two valuable farms; The one whereon I live, called Ormsby Plain, contains 810 acres, lies within 11 miles of Fredericksburg, and 4 of Caroline Springs; the situation is high and pleasant, well improved, and in point of health yields to no place in this state. There is every necessary and comfortable house, from dwelling house to hen-coop. The land is well watered with many never failing springs, has a good mill seat, contains between 350 and 400 acres of wood land, great part of which will bring good tobacco, an abundance of prime meadow ground, partly cleared and in cultivation, large apple and peach orchard, almost every sort of fruit the country affords, from the earliest to the latest, a good garden highly manured. I will seed for the purchaser a good crop of wheat on very moderate terms, and he may if he chooses be supplied with every necessary to support the farm. For a full knowledge of the soil, &c. &c. I invite a view of the premises -it will be found capable to afford ample profit to the tiller. The dwelling house is in good order to receive a large and genteel family; it contains four rooms with fire places, a 12 feet passage, and 6 good closets below stairs, a public and private staircase to the upper floor which contains a passage, five lodging rooms with fire places and a large garret well floored above, the cellar is well secured with an 18 inch brick wall, divided by brick partitions into 3 rooms, one of which has a brick floor and fire place, a private way from the lower floor into it, as well as an outer door, and communication by doors throughout. Good judges well acquainted with this farm have valued it at œ 2500, but as I wish to sell immediately I will take 2000 pounds - for one half, a credit of 6 years may be had on paying interest annually, and the purchaser can be greatly accommodated in the payment of the other half -the land abounds in good cedar. The second farm contains 405 acres, lies adjoining to the Caroline Springs, has on it a snug dwelling house quite new, a good barn, with negro houses &c. the land lies level, has an abundance of woodland and meadow ground, is well watered and a handsome young apple orchard, with many other fruit trees. I here invite a view of the soil, which will also be found capable of rewarding the labourer. A crop of wheat can also be put in for the purchaser, and possession of both farms may be had at Christmas. For further particulars apply to the subscriber, who will give an indisputable title to each farm. Anthony Thornton.
Ormsby Plain, Caroline county, July 25th, 1806.
2. Peter born December 3, 1756
3. Charles born October 1, 1754, died April 18, 1824 married Mary Jones and Sarah Fitzhugh
4. George born November 18, 1752, died August 30, 1853, married Margaret Stanley
5. Reuben born September 15, 1758 married Mildred Grymes
6. Presley born 1760, died November 5, 1811, married Alice Thornton
7. Judith Presley married Aylett Buckner
8. Henry born July 14, 1765, married Ann Rose Fitzhugh
9. Thomas Griffin born June 11, 1774, married Ann H Fitzhugh
10. John born March 4, 1775,married Sarah Fitzhugh and Mildred Washington Dade and Jane Laughlin.

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