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Stephen Sebastain

The name Sebastian is said to be of Spanish origin. It has been used for many years as a Christian name. It has been difficult to find early records of any member of the Sebastian family in England. Records show that only two men named Sebastian came very early to the American colonies. The two men were, Anthony, who came to Maryland around 1650, and Stephen. Stephen Sebastian was transported to Maryland and his rights proved on June 15, 1676. It is proposed that he was born around 1655.

Sometime after 1676 Stephen moved across the Chesapeake Bay and settled in Stafford County, Virginia. It is judged from court records that he was either a cabinet maker or contractor.

Stephen Sebastian died probably between 1713 and 1715.

Based on the records of St. Paul's Church Register his children are presumed to be as follows: 1. Joseph who married Anne Martin on February 6, 1717/18 2. William who married Elizabeth ______ 3. Joshua who married Betheridge ________ 4. Ann who married John Allenthorpe 5. Nicholas who married Anne Elliott October 29, 1726 6. Margaret who married Robert King April 26, 1727 7. Isaac who married Rachel Spicer May 11, 1727 8. Benjamin who married Priscill Elkins February 16, 1729/30.

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