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McCuin and Harriet (Lee) Cobb

McCuin Cobb was born in 1816 in the State of Georgia. On October 13, 1831 he married Harriet Lee in Pulaski County, Georgia. Harriet was born in 1816 also in the State of Georgia.

McCuin is listed on census records as a farmer, planter. He can be found as early as 1838 in Muscogee County, Georgia. With Harriet and the kids he moved to Barbour County, Alabama sometime between 1846-1849. The 1850 census lists a real estate value of $1,300 and the 1860 census lists a real estate value of $3.500 and personal estate of $8,000, so it can be assumed they were a family of some wealth.

To McCuin and Harriet's union twelve known children were born: 1. Joshua A., born in 1832 2. John L., born 1833 3. Mary J., born 1834 married June 4, 1854 4. Susanna E., born 1836 married March 5, 1855 5. Walter M., born in 1837 6. Jesse C. (twin) , born 1840 7. Nancy (twin), born 1840 married November 10, 1859 8. Walton "Frances", born 1841 9. Cary, born 1846 10. Harriet "Mittie", born 1849 11. William, born 1851 12. McCuin, born April 7, 1852.

McCuin died in July of 1853 in Eufuala, Barbour County, Alabama. Harriet continued to live of the family farm till her death occurred on a date unknown at this time.

Marriage Book 1850 - Barbour County, Alabama
Rural Land Owners of Barbour County, Alabama - Godfrey

McCuin Cobb and Harriet Lee Marriage Certificate
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