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Joshua Cobb

Information on Joshua Cobb is hard to find. It's believed that he was born about 1760 and died before January 30, 1839.

Joshua Cobb is listed as a private in Captain John Thomas's Company December 22, 1813 to February 19, 1814 (MR 1799-1839, pg 131).

The Georgia Journal dated February 1, 1815 states: Will be sold, at Irwinton Wilkinson Court house on the first Tuesday in March next, within the usual hours, the following property to wit: One other lot of land in the 27th district, No 142, containing 202 ½ acres, levied on as the property of Joshua Cobb to satify an execution in favor of Samuel Beall – Terms of sale cash.

The Reflector dated February 10, 1818, Joshua posted an ad saying “Caution This is to caution all persons from trading for six notes of hand given by the subscriber to Jeffrey Mumford on the 17day of September, 1817, for twenty-five dollars each, made payable on the first day of January 1818 – as I do not intend to pay the said notes. Joshua Cobb Wilkinson County, January 17, 1818.

Joshua died before January 30, 1839 as that is when there was a notice in the Columbus Enquirer about McCuin applying for letters of administation for his estate. He was still alive on July 20, 1833 when he’s mentioned in the Columbia Enquirer as having a letter at the post office. The sale of his personal property was held on December 31, 1839 and January 1, 1840. Everything sold for a total of $9604.05. The most expensive things were "1 Bedstead & furniture" which sold for $34.00 and "1 Bed & furniture" which sold for $25.00. My ancestor - McCuin Cobb - purchased three things: A table for 0.25, a bread, walles(???) for 0.25 and a stand for $0.31 1/10.

His son, Seth Cobb bout a lot of land No 107 in the 6th District of Muscogee County on February 3, 1840 for $2040.00. His son Joseph Cobb bought a lot of land No 5 in the 17th District of Marion County (formerly Muscogee County).

At the time of his death Joshua had 9 slaves that were sold Mark for $1180, Jeff for $1205, Lewis for $845, Charles for $765, Nelly and male child $795, Taylor $275, Abram for $365 and Rachael for $650. This was a total of $6080. None were purchased by Cobb heirs.

Anne Crocker’s research says:
Joshua Cobb appears in legal records roughly as follows
1787 Richmond/Wilkes Co., GA,
1795 Richmond Co., GA,
1804/5/6 Montgomery Co., GA,
1813/14 Twiggs Co., GA,
1815-25 Wilkinson Co., GA,
1830 Possibly living with son William Cobb in Muscogee Co., GA, which could indicate that he was in old age (say 70 or more) or infirm. Children seem to be born from roughly 1787-1810, and he witnessed a deed in 1787 (registered in Wilkes but the parties living in Richmond), indicating an approximate birthdate for Joshua of ca 1760-65. We have as yet no record of Revolutionary War service for this Joshua Cobb. No pension records filed for Joshua or his widow, if she was still alive. Why? He does not appear in Quaker records. Is it possible that he served intermittently with some local militia groups but did not have the total months of service that would have qualified him for a pension?

Robert Cobb’s research says:
Birth: ABT 1760 in Georgia
Death: BEF 25 Oct 1835 in Muscogee County, Georgia
Residence: Area of "Knowland" ABT 1795 Richmond County, Georgia
Residence: from 1805 to 1806 Montgomery County, Georgia
Residence: Georgia Land Lottery 1805 Washington County, Georgia
Event: Listed as Private, Georgia Militia, Mustered Military Service from 1813 to 1814 Twiggs County, Georgia
Residence: ABT 1815 Wilkinson County, Georgia

Sharon Lee research says: I believe you'll find your Cobb ancestors in Nash and before that Edgecomb Counties, NC. Joshua Cobb was a neighbor of my Deans in Washington Co, GA. McCain Cobb (you have McCuin) is listed on the estate of Richard Dean in Muscogee County as is William T. Cobb.

Joshua Cobb Documentation