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William and Anne (???) Rose Sr.

William Rose was born it is believed in 1622 as he gave a deposition in Surry County court in 1652 stating that he was 30 years old. He and his wife Anne were married upon their arrival in America. It is believed that this occurred in 1650 or before, based on court records.

Sir William Berkley was still governor of Virginia at the time of the arrival of William Rose. It may be taken for certain that William Rose was a loyalist for Berkley had banished the Puritans from this region and they had taken up residence in Maryland. South Side Virginia was not hospitable soil, for a Puritan, but Royalists and the devoted Scots were welcomed in every home.

William was still alive on October 11, 1671, as he signed a deed of trust in the manner following: "Know all men by these present that I Wm Rose do bind a certain pcell (parcel) of goods to John Solway, to wit: 2 cows, named Lucky, old woman, a musket fixt, Iron Kettle, red rug, Large looking glass and a warming pan and all my powdr being about 70 lb. For security of a debt of 2 thousand four hundred pounds of tobacco and cask, which I shall owe said Solway 10 October next. And in case I dye (die) the goods aforementioned to be immediately the said Solway's, if he cannot otherwise secure his debt."
                                         Wm Rose

William was dead by June 10, 1672, age about 50 years, when the following was recorded in the guardian records of Surry County, Virginia.

Anne Rose, widow humbly petitions: "That the petitioner has given to her children some gift of her estate in manor of form" I give to my sonne Wm. Rose one cow and two (2) two year old heifers, one feather bed & boullster & Rugg to him at age of 21 years, half a mare and half a filly about 5 months old. To daughter Anne Rose - above mare and filly, two cows & one heifer - when she comes of age. To daughter Mary Rose - above filly and mare, two cows and 1 calf - when she comes of age. To sonne Richd Rose, one cow and one 2 year old heifer.

                                        /s/ Anne (A) Rose

William Rose Sr. did in his lifetime record a mare with increase for the use and benefit of four of his children - Jane, William, Ann, and Mary - until the children came of lawful age or married and then each was to receive an equal part. Jane, the eldest married and her husband sold her share to Wm. Rose. Now William Rose being of age wanted to have the stock divided and to be possessed with his half, the whole stock being as follows:
1 mare about 8 years old valued at 1300 lbs tobacco
1 horse about 4 years old valued at 800 lbs tobacco
1 horse about 2 years old 8 months old values at 600 lbs tobacco
One colt about 8 months old

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