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John and Abigail (Hicks) Rose

John Rose was born about 1696 in Surry County, Virginia. In 1732 he was appointed surveyor of the road from Reedy Creek to the Court House. It was the responsibility of the surveyor to keep the road in good repair. Records also show he served as a juror in 1741 and was appointed surveyor of the road from the old Court House Church to the Great Creek bridge in 1752. Records also show he owned slaves. John Rose must have lvied a quiet life as far as the court records are concerned living the life of a planter and rearing a large family. Perhaps he also ran a mill as a later deed would indicate.

John Rose married Abigail Hicks before September 30, 1728 as he is listed as a son-in-law on John Hicks will.

To this union six known children were born: 1. John Jr. 2. William 3. Amy 4. Martha 5. Eleanor 6. Tabitha

William Rose must have been the elder son as "John Rose of St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County, conveyed to his son William, same parish and county - for love and affection - 400 acres lying on the Great Creek - on the mill path - thence to Mr. Henry Brown's corner (Note: the Browns and Roses were once neighbors in Surry County), to Wards Branch, then to Roses Creek and up the said creek 'to where my mill dam stands'. This included part of the lands patented by John Rose July 7, 1726 and August 17, 1733. Signed John Rose"

John Rose died sometime between August of 1780 and January 1781. Abigail was probably dead by this time as she is not mentioned in his will. His will is filed in Brunswick County, Virginia.

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