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John and Dorothy (Bishop) Corker

Bardsley's Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames defines the name Corker as an occupational name "the calker" one who calked tubs. It also say that Corker is a North English name found for centuries in Furness and Yorkshire alongside Cooper and Tubman.

Burke's Genealogical and Heraldric History of the Landed Gentry gives the pedigree of a James Corker of Huntwick married to Elizabeth of Gargrave. He died July 18, 1573 leaving a will which named a son John of Ulvereton to whom he willed property in the same community, and a son Francis to who he gave property in York. It is probable that John Corker , the immigrant, coming to Virginia, traces to this John Corker of Ulverton.

John Corker was a Burgess in 1632 and this assembly was actually held at Jamestown. James City County was an original shire but was not organized until 1634 or two years after this assembly. John Corker was living in Jamestown, in 1637 for he patented "6 acres in James Island near Goose Hill --- next to the land of those ancient Surry Planters William Spence and Richard Tree."

It is believed John Corker was born some time between the year 1600 and 1609. His wife, Dorothy Bishop, is believed to have been born in 1609 as she is listed at age 50 when she testified in Surry County court in 1659.

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