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Stephen and Eleanor (Panton) Post

Stephen Post was born in Hollingbourne, Chelmsfort, Kent, England on June 24, 1604 (other sources say October 17, 1596) and died August 16, 1659 in Saybrook, Middlesex County, Connecticut. He married Eleanor Panton on October 17, 1625 at Hollingbourne, Parish of Langley, Kent ,England. Eleanor was born in 1604 in Otham, Kent, England and died November 13, 1670 in Saybrook, Middlesex County, Connecticut. Some sources say Eleanor’s name was Elinor or Ellen. The marriage banns for Stephen Post designated him "carpenter of Otham"; an occupation which appears to have continued after his arrival in the New World. The grist mill operated by his future son-in-law Alexander Chalker was built by Stephen Post.

Some sources say Stephen arrived at Boston on September 4, 1633 on the ship “Griffin” with his wife and children. Other sources say his son, Joseph, had died and buried in England on September 3, 1633 which would make his arrival on the “Griffin” unlikely.

Stephen was in America in September 1634 when he was granted 12 acres at Newe Towne, now Cambridge, Massachusetts. He removed with Rev. Thomas Hooker to Hartford where he was a founder listed on the Founder’s Monument. His home was described as being “on the south side of “the road from George Steel's to the South Meadow.” In the records of the First Church of Hartford [Historical Catalogue of the First Church of Hartford, 1885, pub. by the Church], Stephen Post was voted to clapboard the first Meeting House. And in 1641 he was to build a porch and stairs in the Meeting House, which is the same year he was elected constable He sold this lot to Thomas Gridley, about 1649. From the records of The First Church: "On the 20th of October, 1640, Goodman Post should clapboard the building and furnish himself with the clapboards at five shillings, six pence the hundred, thus he to hew, plane and lay the clapboards." The structure of the Meeting House was almost square. The top of the pyramid roof was a turret, where the bell, which was brought from Newe Towne, was hung. There were three entrances, doors on all three sides, and on the fourth was the pulpit area. The height inside was sufficient for a row of galleries. The north side had raised seats, where the guards sat or remained on duty during the services, as lookouts. The porch and staircase, which Stephen built leading to an inside chamber, were the arsenal. Before the order to Stephen in October, 1640, the General Court on the 5th of April 1638 ordered that the Meeting House should be "put into good kelter" and "that there be a guard of men to attend all services with their arms fixed and with a supply of powder and shot." Two men were to oversee same, and one man to stay outside as a sentinel. He was a Constable in 1641-1642. According to the Collections Of The Historical Society of Connecticut, published 1912, Stephen made a forage and exploration to Saybrook about 1645. He was on a committee to complete the Fort and dwelling house at Saybook on March 20, 1649/50. He was a Saybrook proprietor when land was divided on January 4, 1648. He held land in the Oyster River Quarter. The town plat of Saybrook for the year 1650 shows his lands to be of the first choice in the town. Original town records: "Robert Chapman, Town Clerk of Saybrook, a true copy of the original attested by me, 18 Mar. 1672, Stephen Post paid in the year 1648 the sum of three hundred pounds and was granted 250 acres of land in the Oyster Quarter." Stephen is recorded as being present at a town meeting on January 7, 1655.

Stephen and Eleanor had the following children:
Katherine was born September 15, 1627 in Otham, Kent, England and
          married Alexander Chalker
John baptized September 13, 1629 in Otham, Kent, England and died
          February 10, 1710/11 and married Hester Hyde in March 1652
Thomas baptized November 1, 1631 in Otham, Kent, England and died
          September 5, 1701 and married
          (1) Mary Andrews in January 1656
          (2) Rebecca Bruen on September 2, 1663
Joseph baptized August 8, 1633 in Otham, Kent, England and died
          September 3, 1633
Abraham born about 1640 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut married
           Mary Jordan and died in 1690

Saybrook Land Records state: "Stephen Post died 16th of August 1659." Early Connecticut Probate Records in August 1659 state” "Stephen Post Inventory, four hundred and forty-two pounds, three shillings, six pence." This would have been a considerable sum of money for the time as it did not include any sum to come for the actual land sales.

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