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Timothy and Naomi (Corwin) Hixson

Timothy Hixson was born August 13, 1739 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. In New Jersey about 1770 he married Naomi Corwin who was born April 10, 1752, in Hopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Little is know of Timothy Hixson's life in New Jersey. It is believed that he was living in Sussex County in 1771, but there had been changes in county lines during those years. Just when he moved to Sussex County is not known. Timothy Hixson and Naomi Corwin were married shortly before the beginning of the Revolutionary War, but what part he may have played during the war is not known. Timothy and Naomi followed her parents to Canada in about 1788. At that time Ontario was just a wilderness and living conditions were primitive. United Empire Loyalists moving into the area after the war were the first actual settlers, but they were soon followed by many others. Timothy Hixson only lived a few years after moving to Canada but it is believed that he was a farmer and blacksmith during his years there.

To this union eleven children were born: 1. Henry, born February 19, 1771, died September 16, 1852 2. Elizabeth, born December 25, 1773, died July 14, 1855 3. Daniel, born January 1, 1775, died 1808 4. Levi, born October 18, 1776, died June 25, 1853 5. Child 6. Mary, born April 25, 1778, died 1858 7. Rachel, born 1780, died 1791 8. Nathan, born May 25, 1781, died March 11, 1856 9. Joseph, born 1783, died 1789 10. John, born March 17, 1790, died 1823 11. Esther, born February 25, 1792, died July 27, 1868

Timothy Hixson died in 1792, probably in Stamford Township, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada. Naomi Corwin Hixson died March 2, 1825 in Stamford Township, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada, and is buried in Drummond Hill Cemetery, now in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

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