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John and Margaret (Winthrop) Corwin

John Corwin was born July 25, 1638 in Salem, Massachusetts. He was known as a prominent merchant in the Salem, Massachusetts, area and had connection with many of the influential families. He became a freeman in 1665 and was a representative in 1679.

In May 1665 he married Margaret Winthrop, daughter of the Governor of Massachusetts.

To this union seven known children were born: 1. George, born February 26, 1665/56, died April 12, 1696 2. Elizabeth, born April 28, 1668 3. Lucy, born May 11, 1670 4. Hannah, born April 4, 1672 5. Samuel, born October 12, 1674 6. Mary, baptized September 1676 7. Margaret

John Corwin died July 12, 1683, probably in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. After his death Margaret moved to Boston where she died on September 28, 1697.

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