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John and Mary (Clark) Alston

Note: The parantage of John Alston is in question. See

John Alston was baptized at Felmersham, Bedfordshire, England on December 5, 1673. He married Mary Clark.

To this union ten known children were born: 1. Joseph John 2. Solomon 3. William 4. Phillip 5. Jame 6. Mary 7. Elizabeth 8. Sarah 9. Martha 10. Charity.

The first mention we have on record of John Alston in North Carolina is a grant of 270 acres of land on the northwest side of Bennett's Creek in 1711. This creek, is in what is known as Gates County, formerly Chowan, and his land was near or immediately where Gatesville now stands. He subsequently made many entries and purchases on land in that and other sections and counties and became a very extensive land holder. In 1713 we find land-grants in the names of several sons. The first official act we find recorded of him is April 20, 1715, as a juror at court held at the house of Mr. Henry King, and the next as a grand juror a a general court of Oyer and Terminer, at the general courthouse at Queen Ann's Creek in Chowan precinct, March 30, 1721, and was continuously a grand joror until April 6, 1724, he was commissioned assistant justice of the court of Oyer and Terminer. He was continuously reappointed and so served until after the April term, 1729, and afterwards known as Colonel Alston. We are not informed as to how he obtained his titles. In 1725 he was appointed revenue collector for the king. On April 3, 1738, he was elected vestryman of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan County, North Carolina, and served until 1747 or later. In 1746 he was sheriff of Chowan County, and probably some years prior to that time.

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