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Alexander and Katherine (Post) Chalker

Alexander Chalker was born about 1625 in England and died in Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut.on August 16, 1659. Alexander came to this country in 1638 from Kent County, England. (A second source says he may have come on a second ship;oad of prospective settlers in July 1639.) It is rumored that Alexander’s ancestors had part of the battle of Hastings. (The Battle of Hastings was the decisive Norman victory in the Norman conquest of England. The location was a hill approximately six miles north of Hastings, on which an abbey was subsequently erected. The battle took place on October 14, 1066, between the Norman army of Duke William of Normandy, and the English army led by King Harold II.)

Alexander was married first to ________ .

Secondly Alexander married Katherine (or Katern) Post on September 29, 1649 (second source says September 27, 1649) in Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut. Katherine was born September 15, 1627 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts and died after 8 June 1689 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Alexander was one fined for “sleeping in centry and loosing his arms.” On May 22, 1648 he lived in Guilfor, Connecticut and was amoung the early settlers of Guilford where it was said he was “quite a young man when he came to the town.” He united with the church early and was made a freeman on May 22, 1648. His home lot of 3 acres stood on Crooked Lane, now State St. It was stated in a town meeting that he doubted whether he should be able to continue his present contribution to the minister's support. He lived circa 1652 at Saybrook, Middlesex, CT. He sold his lands at Guilford, between 1652 and 1655, and removed to Saybrook, where he became a prominent inhabitant.

After Alexander’s death, Katherine was married to John Hill on September 23, 1673 at Guilford, New London, CT. Katherine died after June 8, 1689 when she was mentioned in the will of John Hill.

Children of Alexander Chalker and Katherine Post.
Stephen Chalker (September 8, 1650 – June 1, 1727)
Samuel Chalker (1652 – July 1, 1711 married Phebe Bull in 1676 )
Mary Chalker (April 27, 1653 - ____ married Richard Cozens/Coosens March 7, 1677/8)
Abraham Chalker (October 19, 1655 – February 17, 1730/31 married
          #1 Hannah Sanford on January 16, 1679/80
          #2 Sarah Ingham on September 23, 1686
          #3 Deborah Barber on November 9, 1691)
Katherine Chalker (September 8, 1657 - ____ married John Jordan)
Sarah Chalker(October 19, 1659 - ____)
Jane Chalker (March 25, 1662 - October 26, 1742)
Alexander Chalker (February 24, 1666 – May 25, 1727 or 1724)


"A list of the Names of the Freemen already made in the Town of Say Brooke, ye 4th 8th '69:

"Mr. Robert CHAPMAN, Wm. BUSHNELL, Mr. Wm. PRATTE, Alexander CHALKER, Mr. Thomas BUCKINGHAM, Wm. LORD Senior, Mr. John WASTOLL, John CLARKE, Frances BUSHNELL, Abraham POSTE, Wm. PARKER Senior, Samuell JOANES, Thomas DUNKE, John PARKER, Robert LAY, John BUSHNELL, Wm. BEAMONT, Edward SHIPMAN, Richard JOSELAND, Joseph INGHAM, John CHAPMAN, Robert CHAPMAN jr., Thomas NORTON.

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Some who did not sign the Covenant or who arrived in Guilford between 1639 and 1643 were:

William Barnes
George Bartlett
Edward Benton
Thomas Betts
William Boreman
John Chaffinch

Alexander Chalker
George Chatfield
Thomas Chatfield
Thomas French
Henry Goldham
Thomas Jordan

William Love
Thomas Relf
John Scranton
John Sheather
John Stevens
Benjamin Wright

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