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Thomas and Elizabeth (Ratcliffe) Boon

Thomas Boon was born in England. He was christened on August 31, 1637 in London. Thomas came to America from England in 1663 and settled in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. It was here he died in 1723 in the tidewater area of Isle of Wight County not far from Jamestown. Thomas married in about 1674 Elizabeth Ratcliffe who was born on June or July 21, 1668, and died before 1713.

The property belonging to the Boon's is listed as being in the Blackwater Swamp area and documents indicate he grew tobacco as he used it as payment at various times.

To this union seven known children were born: 1. William, died February 8, 1731 2. Thomas, born 1713 died 1800 3. Nicholas, died 1728-1744 4. Joseph, born 1677 died 1728 5. James, died 1733-1735 6. Martha 7. Ratcliffe, born 1685 died 1752

Thomas died in 1723 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Elizabeth died before 1713.

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