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John and Mary (Palin) Clark

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John Clark was born March 03, 1654/55 in Isle of Wight, Virginia. He married Mary Palin, who was born in 1655 in Paskquotank County, North Carolina. They were married in 1655 in Paskquotank County, North Carolina. John died July 27, 1689 on Paskquotank River, Albermarle County, North Carolina. Mary died in 1740 in North Carolina.

The only known child of this union was Mary Clark who married John Alston.

John migrated to America in 1695 with Governor Archdale and held many public office appointed by the Governor and the King. The earliest land grant for John was 270 acres on the NW side of Bennet's Creek in 1711, then Chowan, later Gates County, NC. He was appointed Justice of the General Court of Oyer and Termines at Edton, NC on October 27, 1724 (as per William L. Saunders in the Colonial Records of NC pp.555-556).

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