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Charles and Sarah (Piborn) Eades

Charles Eades was born July 14, 1760 in Prince George Parish, Montgomery County, Maryland and he died on May 3, 1823 in Wayne County, Kentucky. On May 02, 1786 Charles married Sarah Piborn in Bedford County, Virginia. Sarah was born April 09, 1764 in Bedford County, Virginia and died September 25, 1852 in Wayne County, Kentucky.

Charles’s family left Maryland and went to Bedford County, Virginia in about 1781-1782. We find Charles on tax lists there in 1785 and 1789. By 1790 Charles is found in Morgan District, Burke County, North Carolina, in 1800 he was in Buncombe County, North Carolina, in 1804 he’s back in Bedford County, Virginia, and in census 1810 he’s moved to Wayne County, Kentucky.

Charles enlisted as a soldier in the Revolutionary War from Montgomery County. He was in the 3rd Company, Class 1. He was in the battle of Portsmouth and in service a large portion of the Revolutionary War according to a statement made by his wife in 1846.

To this union the following known children were born:
Gabriel Eades born Feb 10, 1787 in Bedford Co. VA married Leah Garner Oct. 27, 1808, in Wayne Co., KY.
Nancy Eades born Feb. 9, 1789 in Bedford Co. VA married Robert C. Eades, Dec. 10, 1815 in Wayne Co., KY. (first cousins)
Mary (Polly) Eades born 4 Feb 1790 in North Carolina married Joseph Hurt, Feb 27, 1817 in Wayne Co., KY.
Rachel Eades born Aug 31, 1792 in North Carolina married David Beckman, Jan 23, 1812, in Wayne Co., KY
Jacob Eades born Oct 30, 1796 in North Carolina married Adah Norman, married Mar 27, 1817 in Wayne Co., KY.
Ruth Eades born Mar 11, 1799 in North Carolina married Jack Dancy. They moved to Texas. She died June 13, 1878.

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